These programs incorporate classes on defensive driving, training on firearm use, protection techniques, and general defense classes. Programs range from a few days to several weeks long, depending on the state. If a potential bodyguard has experience with the military or law enforcement, such experience can help with certification.

Bodyguards can help give you that sense of security just by being there. The best bodyguards have good communication skills and are proficient in “reading” people. When you’re too busy to pay attention to what’s happening around you, bodyguards are observant and know how to judge potentially dangerous situations and people. If someone has threatened your safety or your life, or if you have a stalker, you may find it necessary for peace of mind and safety to hire a personal bodyguard. For example, if you have filed a restraining order against someone, but they are disregarding it, a bodyguard may be beneficial.

In the UK during 1913–1914, the suffragette movement protested in an attempt to gain women the right to vote. In the modern UK, the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department of the Metropolitan Police is responsible for the security of the Sovereign. Throughout the day, as the client goes about their activities, the number of bodyguards escorting the client will increase or decrease according to the level of risk.

Usually, the training covers areas such as risk assessment, surveillance, hand-to-hand combat, negotiation, first aid and legal issues. There also may be media liaison training to work as a celebrity bodyguard. For example, instead of offering generic security services to a local business, try specializing in bodyguard services, mall services, or catered event services for politicians. If your company becomes known for providing security for high-profile clients, you’ll have very little competition.

In some instances, such as a business setting, bodyguards may also assume security guard roles. Some of these security guard companies could be checking for any property damages or changes in equipment, or reporting on daily activity. Security guard roles may include screening people as they enter an area, like visitors in a school or a business, to ensure that they don’t pose any potential threats. When bodyguards assume a security guard’s function, they may also need to check and adjust security systems regularly and warn others of any rules or violations on the premises if necessary. Because of a bodyguard’s versatility, they are extremely knowledgeable in various areas and know-how to provide top-quality protection. When you’re hiring a bodyguard, you’re not just protecting yourself for when a crime occurs, but you’re also helping to prevent it altogether.

Bodyguards can help provide security and peace of mind in what many people might consider the most mundane situations. If the situation involves even a minimal potential for trouble, a bodyguard can help ensure any potentially dangerous situation is handled calmly and professionally. The peace of mind that comes with security services is immediate and lasting. There is no substitute for physical and emotional assurance that you are protected – whether that is you individually, family, assets, or your business and its employees. Security officers deliver a sense of protection by providing a critical skill set in tense and threatening situations.

If you find yourself needing the most comprehensive personal security professionals around, contact us. For round-the-clock surveillance, live-in bodyguards will protect individuals and their families by securing homes, scouting buildings, sweeping vehicles, and screening staff and personnel. These guards, usually former police detectives, military or FBI agents, make their money analyzing risks by planning a client’s day as meticulously possible, so expect more brains than brawn.

Ensure that they offer cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best, most reliable services and fully protect your business if that is what you are looking for. If you need armed guards, factor in the potential cost as you talk price before signing a contract. Business owners consider hiring experienced security guards for several reasons. If your storefront is located in a less-than-desirable part of town with high crime rates, paying for security may help decrease theft and encourage traffic. For those who sell valuable merchandise like jewelry or electronics, loss prevention is key to maintaining profitability, and a security guard will help you keep your doors open with peace of mind.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, U.S. adults are becoming increasingly anxious. About 40% of adults ages 18 to 34 report that they are extremely anxious about keeping their family safe.

Under Secretary of Defense for Policy with his bodyguard in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1996. The bodyguard is armed with an M-16, a 5.56 mm, magazine-fed, select-fire rifle. For many businesses, paying for security ultimately ensures your business’s smooth operation. Use the following criteria to make a decision that works for your business and takes the worry of securing your business off of your plate. Thanks to your efforts, the 2009 New York City VisionWalk raised over $239,000.

Edwards suggests that any executive should give some thought to personal security as a precaution. Whoever you hire whether for specific events or around-the-clock protection, the security provider needs to understand your company and culture. The reality is that having the services of a bodyguard depends on your need for security and your budget. A good security company will sit down with you and work on a budget that considers your needs and your income.

Video cameras placed in high-visibility, public areas provide the same visual deterrent that a security guard does, without the same salary requirements that a human presence necessitates. Not only that, but live video surveillance services like Eyewitness Surveillance’s come with audible deterrent from speakers, alerting any trespassers that their activities are being monitored.

Working your way into a celebrity bodyguard career takes training, patience and lots of organization. If you are a „high profile“ individual, such as a celebrity, politician, or a wealthy person, you may feel the need to have a personal bodyguard. People in this group tend to be targets for overzealous fans, thieves, and individuals who wish to hurt them physically. Day-to-day activities of a security company include preparing security-related documents like incident reports and proposals, strategic or tactical initiatives and reviewing these documents. Here is a list of relevant considerations when starting a security guard service from Cornell University Law School’s website.

As you can see, bodyguards are a huge part of history and can be heroes. They work hard to protect their employers and should be respected for their incredible fortitude. If you are interested in hiring your own hero, feel free to learn more about personal security guards. The loose definition of a bodyguard is an attendant or group of attendants who are trained to protect a high-profile individual. Most personal security guards are armed and trained in several defense techniques.

Yet most entrepreneurs pay more attention to computer protection than their own. There is nothing more important than the safety of you and others. Security officers offer an extra pair of eyes and ears at all times. Their presence is purposeful and distinct in providing immediate action in a multitude of possible scenarios, from de-escalating a situation to deterring hostility. Many technical schools and community colleges offer bodyguard certification programs. If you are interested in learning about such programs, start with your local schools.

Security is not only familiar with communicating well with each department, but they are also trained to handle the complexities of clear reporting and emergency response. The presence of even one officer will dramatically reduce the rates of crime and prevent the likelihood of an assailant inflicting harm. When security personnel catch someone causing trouble on your property, they can intercept and stop the perpetrator immediately. Ultimately, there are many reasons to hire a bodyguard, and doing so is likely the right decision if you have any concerns about potential threats or your personal safety. The truth is you want to work with a security team you trust, and there are a lot of things to consider when you begin the process. This guide details everything you need to know about why you should hire a bodyguard and who is most likely to benefit from professional bodyguard services.

A personal security guard may or may not receive training on how to handle handguns. Outside of buildings and offices, a personal security guard is generally required to check vehicles for tracking and listening devices as well as explosives. She is typically expected to check the undercarriages of her client’s vehicles to guarantee no vital systems or parts have been tampered with or altered to cause accidents or collisions. The bodyguard may ride with her client to provide protection or follow behind in an unobtrusive car to observe the environment during travel.

Bodyguards often have to travel by car, motorcycle, train, and airplane to escort their client. In some cases, international travel is required, which means that a bodyguard must have appropriate travel documentation. Unarmed drivers usually have a background in the police services and are great drivers who know their way around town. However, the job of an unarmed driver is just until you reach your destination.

Utica College offers a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation and additional areas of study. Utica College has been named a National Center of Academic Excellence by the NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and Defense Cyber Crime Center.

In some countries, large SUVs such as Chevrolet Suburbans are used for VIPs. At a minimum, the vehicle should have ballistic glass in the windows, some type of armor reinforcement to protect the client from gunfire, and a foam-filled gas tank. „Run-flat tires“ and armor protection for the driver are also desirable. A bodyguard is a person who is trained keep protect you and your family.

Soft skills can be defining characteristics of any security professional. They are the foundation to build a great security professional and then hard skills, such as CPR or specialized training, are additions that create a well-rounded individual. Keeping an open mind on new people, experiences and thinking from another person’s perspective from a place of humility is important to developing soft skills. In an emergency, there is not always time to wait for the police or EMTs.

Bodyguards or personal security guards as they are also called are professionally trained personnel, having years of experience in the field. They are experts who can identify threat perceptions and easily deal with it. Wealthy Individuals often hire private protection to protect themselves from thieves and those who may want to harm them. It is no secret thieves generally target wealthier individuals and residences. Being in the limelight also ensures you will have people who dislike you.

If you’re a CEO or other business exec, run a school, are a general manager of a business, are getting out of a dangerous relationship or are in the public spotlight, you might need personal protection. If you fall into one of the following categories, boost your safety and security with a bodyguard. Since anything can happen in the blink of an eye, bodyguards must think on their feet and stay ready for whatever comes next. They are trained to adapt to any situation — even the most unthinkable.

Keep in mind that you will have very little time for yourself, family, and other commitments, as you will be in company of your client most of the time. You will need to train your mind and your body by attending training courses to receive the required job related skills to work as a bodyguard. You also have to maintain your physical fitness level with a daily regime that targets both strength and endurance.

This is because armed forces and the police offer protection training to officers, as they are used as bodyguards to senior officers or other dignitaries. Most UK security firms will request that operatives hold an SIA license, even if operations are conducted outside of the UK. The SIA model has been adopted and modified by nearby countries Ireland and France. In France bodyguards require a CNAPS (Conséil National des Activitées Privée de Sécurité) license to operate legally as a bodyguard. Both the SIA and CNAPS have come under heavy criticism over the years for failing to assist license holders and meet their primary objectives of „raising the standards“ in the private security industry. –If you are under threat, your family is also vulnerable and needs protection. Private security guards will protect your home and family members.

You will be blamed for the slightest injury to your employer, even if you have strive very hard to prevent such from happening. When you are working with one employer, you will be very much occupied that you may not have time to search for better job opportunities. Even if you can find one, your employer’s demands may prevent you from applying or showing up for an interview.

Untrained guards will commit to the same routines day in, day out—and that creates a huge security risk for the company. Conversely, remote live video surveillance is an incredibly proactivesecurity measure. The remote security professionals here at Eyewitness Surveillance, for example, never have time to be bored, as they’re constantly monitoring incoming alarms from our live security feeds. They’re not waiting for something to happen; they’re constantly responding to the action occurring at every client facility. Our security professionals also work in large teams headed by supervisors to promote group accountability and activity.

According to the National Retail Federation, lost inventory due to theft, error, shoplifting or fraud — also known as shrink — accounted for $46.8 billion worth of lost retail sales in 2017. If you’re an executive at a major company, your wealth could be the target of a robbery. Additionally, you might be responsible for firing employees at the company who may become disgruntled and pose a threat to yourself and others. In 2016, 66 of the total 500 workplace homicides were committed by a coworker or work associate, according to the BLS.

However, when you’re just starting out, these types of clients are hard to get. Beyond these skills, however, our security professionals understand the importance of conflict resolution. For them, the use of force is only an option when all other options have failed. But should that situation arise, our personnel is trained to use force in the most efficient means necessary to ensure the safety of our clients. This level of professionalism and the ability to remain calm in hostile environments are what set the employees of Fast Guard apart from many in the industry.

It’s essential to clients that their bodyguards are versatile so that they can handle all circumstances with a clear, level head. Bodyguards are no stranger to last-minute changes and can assume the role, ready for anything. If you are interested in supplementing your personal security with other kinds of security, including home security, you should check out Cove. We are a DIY security company, specializing in full-life home automated security. We might not be quite as cool as a guard, but our security system services are less expensive than paying for a 24/7 guard.

You understood my needs and helped me order appropriate to my situation. I was even pleasantly surprised that the cost was within my budget. contains a collection of learning opportunities on topics that directly impact the safety, security, and quality of life in your community. Modern live video surveillance systems offer many of the same advantages—without the large retainer or paycheck. A workplace that is offset from the sidewalk and surrounded by landscaping offers greater protection that one that is located right on the street. Tensions in the workplace are a significant indicator of personal risk. OVERVIEW When members of an activist organization hit Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the face with a pie a few years ago, security experts cringed.

In either case, private security will provide you and your family with safety and peace of mind. In addition to combat, firearm and first aid training, professional bodyguards are also trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance. This training allows bodyguards to stay one step ahead, knowing everything they need to know to keep you safe. Some bodyguard services include private investigators, gathering research and evidence that will help them assess your situation. They monitor existing surveillance that’s set up and may even install additional cameras as an extra safety measure. If someone is blackmailing you, for example, you can trust personal bodyguard services to get to the bottom of it and find the culprit as a trained surveillance expert and private investigator.

So without wasting your time, below are the requirements that you must have before deeming yourself fit to work as a bodyguard. Being a bodyguard is more professional and tactical than what we see in movies. The job entails much more than having huge muscles and merely following your client closely.

Seeking bodyguard services can help alleviate some worries about health and safety. You don’t have to be a wealthy executive or celebrity to inquire about such services, either. Bodyguards have become more accessible over the years, and your security company will work with you to ensure you achieve the peace of mind and protection you need. You can choose to hire one unarmed or armed guard or a whole team, depending on your specific needs, meaning you’ll have the right amount of protection for your personal situation or special event in no time. The moment you hire a bodyguard to protect you and your family, you immediately feel a peace of mind that you may not experience if you try to deal with a potentially dangerous situation on your own.

Being a bodyguard requires that you are physically fit and that your health is sound. Most of the time, you will be engaged with physical activities such as walking, driving, and running. So, if your health is such that makes you to visit the hospital too often, working as a bodyguard isn’t for someone like you. Most employers would applaud and reward you if, on one occasion, you fought selflessly to protect them from violent criminals. (Of course, it’s just natural for people to appreciate and reward anyone who saves them from danger).

You have a few security guards simply waiting for crime to happen. However, that crime may not happen for hours, days, weeks—even years. Question them about the types of clients they’ve worked for and the situations they’ve encountered.

Click here to learn more about these and other programs offered at Utica College today. Television series The Royals (2015–present), HRH Prince Liam Henstridge is protected by Marcus Jeffrys , his no-nonsense bodyguard and confidante. Moreover, Liam’s sister, HRH Princess Eleanor Henstridge is protected by bodyguard Jasper Frost – who is also blackmailing her for sex and having an affair with HRH Queen Helena Henstridge on the side. In the motion picture My Bodyguard , high school student Clifford Peache is bullied by Melvin Moody . In the action-comedy film Shanghai Noon, martial arts star Jackie Chan plays the role of an Imperial Guard of China on a mission to America to help rescue a princess.

With numerous methods of both physical and mental training, your bodyguard will have the expertise and skillset needed to respond appropriately to any situation. You want to secure your business and your physical investments, and think that security guards are the “best” option, right? There are pros and cons of security guards protecting your business. Depending on what sort of liability and risk you’re willing to take on, you may find security guards are costing your business more than their salaries.

Once this sort of attack is perpetrated, 75% of them are successful. Some bodyguards such as those protecting high ranking government officials or those operating in high-risk environments such as war zones may carry assault rifles. A number of high-profile celebrities and CEOs also use bodyguards. In some countries or regions (e.g., in Latin America), wealthy people may have a bodyguard when they travel. In some cases, the security personnel uses an armoured vehicle, which protects them and the VIP. You will easily fork out around $750 a day to hire an armed security agent and price can go up to $1,000 a day for international jobs.

Glassdoor estimates the average annual salary at ​$26,540​, which is surprisingly close. These are rough estimates; many personal security guards will find their hours vary based on the client’s schedule, and they may be paid daily rather than at a salary rate. When you vet security services, look into the types of technology that they plan to use to ensure the smooth and efficient protection of your site.

In addition, you must be able to draw helpful conclusions and hints from both related and unrelated events. Again, a high level of intelligence is required for this because misjudgment or wrong observation of situations usually lead to terrible consequences. The requirements for bodyguard licensing vary depending on your state or country’s laws. Before applying for a license, find out about the requirements and ensure that you have met them.

People, unfortunately, have the idea that hiring a personal bodyguard is cost-prohibitive and so they leave themselves, their families or their businesses vulnerable to potential harm or damage. The reality is that the cost to hire a professional bodyguard is not as high as you think. There are times in almost everyone’s life where a little extra protection can provide a much-desired level of security and peace of mind. Bodyguards, also known as executive security personnel, are well known for protecting celebrities and national political figures. But there are many good reasons to use them in more familiar situations. While the primary duty and service of security is to protect, officers often act as a point of reference or contact among customers.

There is always the potential for such situations to turn nasty or for one party to try to take things to the next level. If you are involved in such a legal situation, hiring a bodyguard is not a bad idea. The bodyguard can oversee family visitations and keep a close eye on proceedings, ensuring no one feels threatened and that the peace is maintained. In these new and increasingly unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to take steps to protect yourself from uncertainties — and that sometimes requires hiring a personal bodyguard. It’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile to take care of yourself or your family by contracting with security personnel, but you might not know how to go about doing so even if you’re interested. However, if you have never had any military experience, you can contact your local police station for more enquiries on how to learn defensive tactics. Better yet, you can sign up for an online training course such as Bodyguard Training International.

Since bodyguards accompany their clients throughout their day, the bodyguard will be privy to the private life of the client, which means that a bodyguard has to show discretion and maintain confidentiality. Bodyguards, private protection officers, security personnel — they all have one common goal, and that’s to keep you safe from harm. No matter what kind of dangers lie ahead, Tx2 Security Group specializes in personal protection and security consulting so that you’re protected in any situation. Bodyguards are always multitasking, looking for potential security threats. Some of these tasks include staying prepared, assessing your strength of security, deterring crime, hearing and seeing everything and other various security tasks — just a few of the many reasons to hire a bodyguard. Security guards and body guards are both commonly employed to provide private protections services. A security guard protects property and people; the people protected are those that are in the physical space that the security guard is responsible for, be it an airport, bank, or power plant.

While a personal security guard’s human element is essential, routinely incorporating different technologies makes them more efficient at protecting properties. If your security services offer this feature, you can expect to know where every security officer is at a given point in time. This reinforces accountability, discourages guards from skipping patrol sites, and protects the guards themselves if they are working in remote locations. The cost of hiring a security guard ranges between $12 and $32 an hour. The maximum wage is usually nearly $35 an hour but can be as low as just over $12 for unarmed guards working on general patrol. Specialist job titles such as bodyguards come with hourly wages of $50 or more depending on the experience and training of the guard in question.

They can help you determine safer routes to get back and forth from work. A bodyguard will give you ideas about ways to handle dangerous situations to reduce potential harm to yourself and your loved ones. Bodyguards are not minimum wage security hired to sit at in the lobby and check people’s IDs. Bodyguards are highly trained professionals, often with years of experience in the military or law enforcement. They receive training to help them understand how people behave in certain circumstances and when the situation signals potential danger. These celebrity bodyguard jobs are usually held by people who have have military or law enforcement experience.

If a security guard catches sight of a trespasser while on-duty, he or she can approach to resolve the issue. Choose a security consultant to come in to your office, assess your personal risk and develop a report with recommendations detailing how you should respond to that risk. Write down what equipment and strategies you use to protect employees, your family and yourself. You will minimize the risks posed to you and your family if you control the amount of information you give out, particularly to strangers or employees.

If the location is secure, these bodyguards signal that it is safe to bring in the client. The client is escorted into the building using a flanking procedure. If the client is attending a private meeting inside the building, and the building itself is secure the client will not need to have a bodyguard escort in the building. The bodyguards can then pull back to monitor the principal’s safety from a further distance.

You need protection from disgruntled employees, corporate competition, kidnapping, and sabotage. A bodyguard can handle a variety of situations and recognize the unique challenges presented by certain locations.

This is the most common coverage that small businesses need, so it’s a great place to start for your business. This helps you separate personal and business expenses by putting your business‘ expenses all in one place. Additionally, learning how to build business credit can help you get credit cards and other financing in your business’s name , better interest rates, higher lines of credit, and more. Learn more about state sales tax and franchise taxes in our state sales tax guides. You can start an LLC yourself and pay only the minimal state LLC costs or hire one of the Best LLC Services for a small, additional fee. The most common business structure types are the sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company , and corporation. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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